Hello From The Wannabegottabedoctor

*Insert generic post about thinking about starting a blog and finally doing it*

Jokes aside, I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while and figured it would be pretty cool to be able to look back on this years from now. That and I’m also in my head waaaaay too much. So here it is! And you guys can listen to me instead 😀

So who am I?

Well, I’m a student studying a masters degree in neuroscience having completed my undergraduate degree in biomedical science. And as my blog name suggests, I am a hopeful medic. Or hopeful med student. Which makes more sense? I dunno… My point is I want to be a doctor. But to do that I need to study medicine, and to do that I need to get into medical school. Seems pretty straightforward right?

This is my second attempt. Last year I applied to four medical schools and got four beautiful rejections.

The journey to becoming a medical student can be filled with mistakes. I’ve made mistakes. But alas, I think I’m done with making mistakes. I finally know where I’m headed and can see it on the horizon. I have clarity.

Hopefully this attempt (2014/2015) will be a successful one.

Comments are more than welcome 🙂

The Wannabe Gottabe Doctor

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