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Back From Hiatus

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Almost 3 months to be more precise, but I guess that’s what happens when you start a masters degree. Either way, I’m becoming more organised with my commitments and will make time to post more often.

So where did I leave things? I was in the middle of writing my personal statement (or as I’ve dubbed it; Satan’s Letter) and absolutely hating it. Last year I received 4 pre-interview rejections, but I guess I must have done something right this time because after 2 months of waiting, I’ve received 4 interviews to study medicine!

Super saiyan coach celebrationanger

I don’t particularly feel too great about the way my Southampton interview went last week, but hey, I’ve got 3 more opportunities to get it right.

As for the masters, boy is it challenging. But I’ll get through it right?

I've made a huge mistake

For now I’m just pretty buzzed about getting all of these interviews, not even a sedative will calm me down.

Now, I’m off to procrastinate some more…

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