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Interview #2

So yesterday I had interview #2 at King’s College London, or KCL/King’s as we call it. In my last post I mentioned that interview #1 at the University of Southampton hadn’t gone too well and I was expecting this one to go the same way.

Interestingly, it didn’t. It may have been because I’m doing my Masters degree at King’s so I felt at home and really comfortable. It was a familiar environment. It may also have been because, whilst interview #1 didn’t go well, it at least removed the element of fear and gave me that valuable experience of having a medical school interview in the UK.

Here’s how my day went:

7:00am: Wake up

7:15am: Wake up for real

8:09am: Board the train to London Bridge Station

9:15am: Interview time!!

11:30am: Interview over

11:40am: Headed to a local bar with a few of my fellow interviewees for a well deserved (alcoholic) beverage. Or two. Okay five.

My fellow interviewees were really friendly and that helped to relax me before the actual interview started. After the interview, a few of us headed to a local bar. I really would say it’s a good idea to make friends with your fellow interviewees as you’ll more than likely meet them again along the way when you’re interviewing at another medical school. Seeing a familiar face at an interview certainly helps to make the experience much less daunting.

So like I said. I feel pretty good about interview #2. Everyone was really nice and welcoming. Also the format of interview #2 was MMI (multiple mini interview) compared to the traditional panel style of interview #1. That, I think, gave me more hope. Most people have their first impression of you within roughly 6 seconds. So if I didn’t make a great first impression, I would essentially be screwed. With MMI, I would have multiple chances to make a good first impression. This took so much pressure out of the interview for me.

And now we wait for King’s to get back to me.

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