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Interview #3

Wait, what? I’m at interview #3 already and I’m yet to hear back from Southampton or Kings? I’ve got to say I’m starting to feel just a tad nervous.

So, last week I had interview #3 at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, which is part of Queen Mary, University of London. If you remember my earlier post, interview #1 was a standard panel interview, whilst interview #2 followed a multiple mini interview (MMI) format. Interview #3 exposed me to another interview format: selection centres.

What are selection centres? No they’re not like the Colosseum of old in which gladiators would compete against each other.

Selection centres usually last for around half the day and require the applicants to perform a variety of tasks. These may include: written tasks, group tasks, observation tasks and of course an interview. Many people actually prefer selection centres as it gives you more time to show who you are and what you can do.

The selection centre began at 8:15am, seriously all of my interviews are early. Coincidence? Perhaps. Unfortunately for me, this was my first experience of a selection centre and we weren’t informed prior to the day that there would be an ACTUAL interview also. Was I naive? Probably. However, having had two interviews already, I think I was able to adapt quickly enough. The interviewer was a really nice guy and we actually ended up chatting about Harper Lee publishing a new book this summer; something we were both pretty excited about. For the record, “To Kill A Mockingbird” is my favourite book alongside the Harry Potter Series.

The head of admissions said we could expect to hear back at the end of the month which will hopefully bring good news. I think my favourite thing about the interviews so far is that I get to wear a suit. I love suits and any excuse to wear one is fine by me.

It’s like looking in a mirror

With three interviews completed (I’m pretty sure I’ll be unsuccessful with Southampton) and only one remaining, I suddenly find myself jealous of my American counterparts who aren’t limited to four medical schools and are allowed to apply to as many medical schools as they wish. Of course it is far more expensive for them than it is for us Brits but I would gladly pay the primary and secondary fees required to apply to even ten medical schools. Wait. Did I miss something? I think I’m at the bargaining stage…

2 thoughts on “Interview #3

  1. Hi! I love your blog and I was just reading about and scrolling…You can only apply to four med schools?! Wow. I probably definitely would have been rejected if I was limited to four haha. Congrats on entry! I start late August here in America where I applied to a mere FIFTEEN SCHOOLS.

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    1. Thanks! Unfortunately here in the UK we only have about 30 med schools so we’re limited to just 4 applications. You never know, I think getting into med school is pretty analogous to winning the lottery. You do all the prerequisites but there’s still a huge element of luck involved. Thanks! Right back at you! I would love to be able to apply to 15 med schools, although I’m sure submitting 15 secondaries is quite tedious 🙂

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