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Hello. It’s me again.

It’s the end of another month.

I’m in this really weird position. The position of knowing where I’ll be this August. Of knowing what the next chapter of my life will be. It’s strange because I’m able to somewhat take my mind off of my pending enrolment into medical school and I have the time to just focus on the things outside of medicine that I enjoy.

Like archery. Art. Exercising, reading and whatever else I like doing. It’s strange. Right now it seems like all I’ve got is time. The student finance application cycle has opened so I decided to get in early and submit my application. Check another item off my list. I also applied for DSA (Disabled Students Allowance). Tick. I’ve never done it before so not quite sure how this will go, so I’ll just have to wait and see.

Actually, I take that back. I’ve not really been able to do archery recently because of these bloody storms. First Ciara. Then Dennis. Now whatever arbitrarily chosen name. I should clarify. I do archery outdoors and I don’t think people would be particularly thrilled to be struck by an arrow that was carried off by the wind. I know TV makes it look cool but trust me, it isn’t.

I should add a disclaimer here: If you’re thinking about taking up archery please do so under the supervision of a trained/qualified professional who can provide guidance and ensure you’re being as safe as possible to protect everyone including yourself.

But I am reading. I’m just about to start a book called: Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race. This book comes from the brilliant mind of Reni Eddo-Lodge. If anyone has any book suggestions for me, please leave a comment or feel free to message me directly.

I’ve also started casually looking at apartments to rent as I’d quite like to move more into London than where I live now. I’m currently in zone 5 and my med school is in zone 1 so it would be great if I could get a place in zone 2 or 3. It would make commuting to school so much easier. Not to mention there’d be more for me to do than where I currently live.

Oh, I’ve booked a trip to France next month and another holiday in April. So that’s fun.

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