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Death to 2020

What a year it’s been. Having just watched a mockumentary of the same name, I think the title of this post is appropriate.

It started with memes predicting and anticipating world war 3 as a result of the actions of the now outgoing POTUS.

There were terrible wildfires all over the world.

There’s been police brutality.

There have been widespread protests.

And all the while, COVID-19 was slowly creeping up on humanity. It certainly crept up on me and when it arrived, it showed me who was boss. It kicked my arse. But I made it and I’m still around.

I began my studies in August and it’s been insanely busy, which is the reason for my 6-month-or-so hiatus from this blog. I’m back doing what I love and I couldn’t be happier. I feel slightly more confident. Slightly more self-assured. I’ve done some cool things like taking blood, giving medications and performing physical examinations on patients.

I also had my first exam last month. I passed (barely) which knocked my confidence a bit, however when all is said and done, I didn’t do too badly. At the time of sitting the exam, we had only been taught about 10% of the material that would be examined. Also, due to the current pandemic, the exam was held remotely. Whilst the majority of my peers did the exam open-book, I chose to do it closed-book. Foolish? Perhaps. Brave? Meh.

I decided I didn’t want to delude myself into thinking I knew more than I actually did. Additionally, we won’t be doing exams closed-book forever so I thought this would be good practice. When all is said and done, I am glad I did it closed-book and I think I will stick with that going forwards.

What else has happened? Yes, we have a vaccine now which is great news. It’s needed so desperately especially now that numbers are spiking again. We now have approximately the same number of people in hospital with COVID-19 that we did at the height of the first wave back in March/April. The medical school also advertised a role with their hospital trusts for students to become COVID-19 vaccinators. I’m currently doing the training for this role and come January, I will be responsible for administering the vaccine to people which I’m pretty excited about.

So yeah, that’s a quick-ish update.

Hopefully 2021, brings better fortune than did 2020.

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