About Me

I’m Arrows and Ailments.

I’m a grad person and med student who likes reading, archery, playing my guitar, hot baths and scented candles, oh and I guess I’m kind of interested in medicine.

Why this blog? Well, why not? I’m in my head way too much and enjoy writing = start a new blog. Hopefully, this blog serves as a useful tool to those who come after me. Mainly though, this blog should be used when you feel like procrastinating. I mean no! Nobody procrastinates right…?

I’ve wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember (or at least before the age of 10), and I’m still on my journey. I did my undergraduate degree in biomedical science, my master’s degree in neuroscience. It’s a long road, but it’ll be worth it right?

My current status

This blog has come at a time when I’m in the back half of my 20’s. It’ll be interesting to look back on it and marvel at how much of an idiot I (hopefully) was. I say hopefully because whilst I am book smart, I am not a smart person. Here’s to hoping I grow out of that. Or at least med school beats it out of me. I don’t think anybody would want me treating them if they knew just how much of an idiot I really am. Think Ross from “Friends”.

Oh hello me!

So yeah that’s me. Read, comment and enjoy.

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