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Death to 2020

What a year it's been. Having just watched a mockumentary of the same name, I think the title of this post is appropriate. It started with memes predicting and anticipating world war 3 as a result of the actions of the now outgoing POTUS. There were terrible wildfires all over the world. There's been police… Continue reading Death to 2020

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Reflecting on My First Block of Medical School

So it's been approximately 5 weeks since I started medical school. Well 6 weeks if you count induction week. I meant to post an update much sooner than this but things just kept piling up until eventually I resolved to make this post at the end of my first block. So let's recap. Induction week… Continue reading Reflecting on My First Block of Medical School

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March/April Madness & Interview #4

So a lot has happened in the past month. The University of Southampton School of Medicine got back to me. Not unexpectedly, I was unsuccessful. I'm not sure how it feels for others in my position, but even though Southampton was at the bottom of my preference list, I was still a little¬†disappointed. KCL also… Continue reading March/April Madness & Interview #4